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My name is Helmuts and I'm the person who created LustJobs.com as well a person who decides to release or not your ads ;)

You are always most welcome to drop me a line if you have any technical problems or some other questions and I will try to help you.

Take care and be well,

p.s. I would love to connect with you on linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/helmutsmeskonis

Webcam models wanted at Jasmin


Urgent: Webcam models needed at Jasmin

We urgently need native English speaking women and men 18 and older to be webcam models – no experience necessary. See yourself: http://lustjobs-com.stackstaging.com/recommends/jasmin Start working from […]

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adult SEO contractor

Have you got an online website that has got unique and good quality content but you are not getting enough traffic from search engines? Is […]

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AWEmpire is currently seeking SEO Gurus

$Paid Weekly

SEO GURUS WANTED – Create your own live webcam site FREE

AWEmpire is currently seeking SEO Gurus to specialize in the niche of having your own white label webcam sites to YOUR OWN custom URL, and […]

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Webmodel Recruiters Wanted - Sign up Today and Get $150


Webmodel Recruiters Wanted – Sign up Today and Get $150

The largest adult webcams site, network and most profitable adult affiliate program is currently looking for freelance webmasters, promoters and recruiters to promote cam sites […]

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Read about further Lust Jobs changes in the forum

LustJobs.com news November 29, 2016

At the moment, this looks like a permanent decision > this s the last blogpost and you will find all the further updates regarding the system, changes, upgrades, tests and improvements in the forum category “” http://lustjobs-com.stackstaging.com/forums/forum/lustjobs-support-and-suggestions/

In short – I have created a community forum here http://lustjobs-com.stackstaging.com/forums/ and it provides you a place where you can ask any questions regarding the different aspects of making money or working in adult industry, and other members might answer your questions. After that, you decide – which information is useful and which one isn’t.

Why there is need for community forum? Well, my mission is to create an alternative platform that will help you to change your life by finding the exact job you are after in the adult industry or to make more money for those who are already part of the adult industry machine.

One gang, one purpose – be happier and make more money!


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new protection layer installed to avoid waves of spammers

LustJobs.com news November 17, 2015

New layer of defence against spammers at LustJobs.com

Good morning,

I have recently set up an additional layer of protection against spammers. The reason is – every day we had tonnes of spam users coming from various free, anonymous and disposal email addresses.

Continue reading …

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Ads that are not welcome at LustJobs.com

LustJobs.com news June 10, 2015

This is a very short article about the 2 types of adult industry jobs ads that are not welcome at LustJobs.com in order to answer the main question: “Why are you deleting my ads?” and the 2 main reasons are:

  1. keyword, link, content spam
  2. ads with similar content (ad flooding)

Let me start with spamming. No ads will be published that are stuffed with keywords and links – and this is so called keyword spamming. Continue reading …

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LustJobs.com launches recruiting services

LustJobs.com news March 17, 2015

LustJobs.com Recruiting Services

LustJobs.com was approached by several representatives of large adult industry companies during our visit at “The European Summit” in Sitges, Spain.

The topics were very flattering to us as they were asking about the possibility to help them fill their vacancies, like, sales specialists, senior analysts, media buyers and others.

I have considered already before offering these services, and the decision was made quickly realising that there is a market demand that proves the necessity of adult industry “head hunters”.

Continue reading …

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Added security ReCaptcha

LustJobs.com news May 16, 2014

Good morning, afternoon or evening 🙂

This is a quick system update on the fact that from this day, all new users will be required to fill recaptcha field in order to register at our registration page, that can be found here: http://lustjobs-com.stackstaging.com/register/

Here is the screenshot:

Continue reading …

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PlugRush review

LustJobs.com news November 5, 2013

Plugrush report Nov-05-2013

Good morning,

On October 28th we decided to test out PlugRush to see is it possible for websites of “mortal” people to make money with it.

Another concern of ours was – will it impact our rankings and user experience?

As for the type of advertising type – we chose pop-unders where 1 pop-under would appear per user within 24 hours and they were set up site-wide. So, here is our report:

1. Let me start with the rankings as it was the most interesting aspect for us while we were doing this research.

As you can see from the screenshots (below) the rankings haven’t really changed much – this is a normal and natural “Google dance” as industry calls it. So, these are definitely Good news 🙂

Our rankings on October 29th, 2013:

rankings on 2013-10-29

Continue reading …

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Moving to CloudFlare

LustJobs.com news September 3, 2013

Hello there,

OK, these are the news that should improve your experience on using LustJobs.com.

As all the news, our changes can have both good and not that good news 🙂 Continue reading …

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Adult Content and Copy Writer

Adult Industry News May 8, 2013



The former journalist – babe blogger and pay site owner known on line as ‘Flip’ has successfully launched his new adult content and copy writing service.

With a lifetime of professional writing behind him and over 10 years in the adult business – he’s the go to guy for the written word when it comes to the adult industry. Continue reading …

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Now Lust Jobs are mobile friendly

LustJobs.com news May 1, 2013

Good news 🙂 Finally I can shout out: Yes, We Are Mobile Friendly!!!

Grab your phone, scan this QR code and see it yourself:

QR code - Svan with your mobile phone to see the mobil version of www.LustJobs.com

Continue reading …

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Lust Jobs gain Fantastic rankings early

LustJobs.com news April 25, 2013

Lust Jobs rankings

Today I decided to create the very first report how Lust Jobs rank after several, pre-selected keywords we already have traffic for.

Well, here it is (click on the image to enlarge it):

Lust Jobs rankings Continue reading …

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