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PlugRush review

LustJobs.com news November 5, 2013

Plugrush report Nov-05-2013

Good morning,

On October 28th we decided to test out PlugRush to see is it possible for websites of “mortal” people to make money with it.

Another concern of ours was – will it impact our rankings and user experience?

As for the type of advertising type – we chose pop-unders where 1 pop-under would appear per user within 24 hours and they were set up site-wide. So, here is our report:

1. Let me start with the rankings as it was the most interesting aspect for us while we were doing this research.

As you can see from the screenshots (below) the rankings haven’t really changed much – this is a normal and natural “Google dance” as industry calls it. So, these are definitely Good news 🙂

Our rankings on October 29th, 2013:

rankings on 2013-10-29

and these are our rankings on November 05th, 2013

rankings on 2013-11-05



2. Now let us get to screenshot of generated income and here we have few unpleasant surprises.

The 1st thing we were not impressed is the amount of generated income that states that in average we made $0.07/day only… ok here is the screenshot:

Plugrush report Nov-05-2013

Another surprise is that PlugRush states that we have delivered much less traffic that we believe to.. In general we lost at least 2/3 of the traffic in the reports of PlugRush..  Well, you can compare traffic numbers with our Google analytics report yourself:

Google analytics report

Still, to be honest I think that there can be some explanations behind that lost traffic although still I can’t believe that that’s our case.

Ok, the 1st explanation is that some percentage of people actually “bounce back” immediately after visiting a page at LustJobs.com and with a condition that they haven’t done a single “right-click” that would trigger the pop-under page provided by PlugRush. But again – our visitor flow as the bounce rate is not bad at all, here is a screenshot of user content engagement flow chart aka “Behaviour Flow” provided again by Google analytics:

Google analytics behaviour map of LustJobs.com

Another explanation is a possibility that PlugRush can’t actually convert mobile traffic. That could actually explain a huge drop in money traffic, so the next screenshot shows the amount of our mobile traffic:

Mobile traffic v Desktop traffic

Ok, so for the last week LustJobs mobile and tablet traffic has been 67%. But then when we check LustJobs.com on mobile and just touch the screen to scroll down – PlugRush automatically launches their pop-under. Here is the screenshot of both of them done on my iphone (the top one is a pop-under window that appeared when I touched the screen):

The screenshot of mobile pop-up provided by PlugRush

Well, I will stop here with this technical report on the last screenshot that actually shows that PlugRush works excellent for mobile traffic and especially because because they provide mobile optimised content 🙂 .. that was a very, very pleasant surprise 🙂

Ok, now the question stands – are we prepared to sacrifice the small percentage of the user experience of our visitors by leaving these pop-under windows for $0.07 a day? Well. I don’t think so…

I suppose PlugRush works fine with tube sites that get 100 times more traffic than we do at this moment, but then again – will you be happy with $70/day if your site gets around 20’000 visitors a day? .. only if it is a side income :/

As my suggestion for adult webmasters that get 10-50 visitors a day – it doesn’t seem that PlugRush is for you. Grow your traffic and then some day sign up with them and include PlugRush in your larger money making strategy.

Want to test out PlugRush?

Here is our affiliate link: https://www.plugrush.com/?ref=30421 (by signing up via this link you will support LustJobs 🙂 thank you in advance)

And, hey 🙂 contact us on twitter @lustjobs if you have some questions or just say “hi”.

Have a great day,

Helmuts Meskonis

LustJobs.com UK office


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10 Responses to “PlugRush review”

  1. Here is a comment left by PlugRush team member: http://gfy.com/showpost.php?p=19861049&postcount=2

    if I may copy/paste their comment, here it is:

    /* — Quote — */

    good work on the review. We really appreciate when people share their experience with PlugRush. It can only make us better.

    I see you got a CPM at around $2.5. That is actually not bad at all for popunder traffic, and is above the average in our network.

    As for the numbers not matching up. You can never expect us to be able to pop the same amount of pops as you have visitors to your website. Some pople don’t click your page, some have adblock, some have browsers that don’t pop windows. It is impossible to find an adnetwork that can pop 100% successfull. We only show the amount of successfull pops we’ve had. Which is what the traffic number is. Usually you can expect 20-40% successfull pops.

    As for PlugRush mostly being for bigger sites, that is also a bit off in my opinion. 99% of the sites in our network are small sites. We specialize in making ad solutions for small sites, which is why we only pay publishers per click or redirect, and not per impression or cpa.
    Working with a cpc network is a lot easier for smaller sites, because you’ll at least get paid a couple of cents for your dozen clicks per day, instead of when you’re sending to cpa offers where you have to send thousands of hits before maybe getting a $30 signup after a month. A network like PlugRush makes it easier to have consistency in your revenue stream, and a stable income even if you have very litle traffic. While CPA programs and networks work better for bigger sites that can push a lot of traffic before getting a sale.

    Feel free to hit me up if you need any assistance. I can probabyl explain things that seems unclear.

    /* — End of the Quote — */

  2. Plugrush has one of the hightest cpm rates of any adult advertising network. But don’t use there mobile redirect on your site, you will get deindex by google. I have had three of my niche sites deindex. I still use plugrush but I no longer use there mobile redirects or adblock redirect scripts.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience.

      Based on the results provided by this experiment – we have made a decision not to continue using PlugRush at “Lust Jobs”.

      Helmuts Meskonis
      “Lust Jobs” UK office

  3. a very nice review, thx. but I no longer using Plugrush bcoz Google deindexed my sites…

  4. Acá varia ya que se mide por una especie de CPM (Cantidad Por Mil), y en la pagina de plugrush nos explica que varia según la calidad del trafico, ósea países de donde provienen esos tráficos que le brindamos. Mi CPM Para redirecciones Móviles mayormente se mantiene en 4$-7$

  5. Thanks for review!

    I was thinking of stop using plugrush and with your review I have a final decision.
    I been with them for 6 months and absolutely disappointed with earnings, trades and support.
    It seems more scam then affiliate.

    • Hi Bob,

      Well, they are definitely not scam artists 🙂 .. but nevertheless – you are absolutely right as it seems almost impossible to make any decent money with PlugRush (at least for an ordinary webmaster).

      Best wishes,

  6. What do you consider a decent amount of money? How much per day?

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