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new protection layer installed to avoid waves of spammers

LustJobs.com news November 17, 2015

New layer of defence against spammers at LustJobs.com

Good morning,

I have recently set up an additional layer of protection against spammers. The reason is – every day we had tonnes of spam users coming from various free, anonymous and disposal email addresses.

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LustJobs.com launches recruiting services

LustJobs.com news March 17, 2015

LustJobs.com Recruiting Services

LustJobs.com was approached by several representatives of large adult industry companies during our visit at “The European Summit” in Sitges, Spain.

The topics were very flattering to us as they were asking about the possibility to help them fill their vacancies, like, sales specialists, senior analysts, media buyers and others.

I have considered already before offering these services, and the decision was made quickly realising that there is a market demand that proves the necessity of adult industry “head hunters”.

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PlugRush review

LustJobs.com news November 5, 2013

Plugrush report Nov-05-2013

Good morning,

On October 28th we decided to test out PlugRush to see is it possible for websites of “mortal” people to make money with it.

Another concern of ours was – will it impact our rankings and user experience?

As for the type of advertising type – we chose pop-unders where 1 pop-under would appear per user within 24 hours and they were set up site-wide. So, here is our report:

1. Let me start with the rankings as it was the most interesting aspect for us while we were doing this research.

As you can see from the screenshots (below) the rankings haven’t really changed much – this is a normal and natural “Google dance” as industry calls it. So, these are definitely Good news 🙂

Our rankings on October 29th, 2013:

rankings on 2013-10-29

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  • Read about further Lust Jobs changes in the forum

    by on November 29, 2016 - 0 Comments

    At the moment, this looks like a permanent decision > this s the last blogpost and you will find all the further updates regarding the system, changes, upgrades, tests and improvements in the forum category “” http://www.lustjobs.com/forums/forum/lustjobs-support-and-suggestions/ In short – I have created a community forum here http://www.lustjobs.com/forums/ and it provides you a place where […]

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