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What Powers Lust Jobs

Hello wanderer. So, you like LustJobs.com and wonder what is hidden under the hood? OK, ok – so you have a curious nature and this page has been created especially for you.

Ok, first things first – Lust Jobs run on WordPress (version 4.7 on January 01st, 2017). You can learn more about wordpress by visiting https://wordpress.com/

Then comes the theme of course, and we use paid theme called Classipress that is provided by Appthemes. Curious about the theme and the pricing? no problem buddy, here you go: Classipress: https://www.appthemes.com/themes/classipress/?aid=6087 (this link includes a referral code).

here is a slight insight on the wordpress admin dashboard (part of it) for those technically savvy and the curious ones (screenshot date: August 19, 2016):

LustJobs.com wordpress admin dashboard

Ok, what next? … probably the Hosting 🙂 omg, I have changed so many hosting companies over time, and I will mention 3 of them 🙂 The list starts with hostgator – you just can’t go wrong with them, but you might struggle a bit once you you start getting more and more content stored on the website. Look, at the moment (Jan 01, 2017) we have 2457 ads at Lust Jobs out of whom 2144 are in “draft” (invisible expired ads waiting to be relisted), 8813 registered users, 4626 approved comments and thousands of images all across numerous folders all across the site. And once you reach this level – you just need a dedicated server.

For a while I have been using dedicated server offered by the UK based RapidSwitch (really great hosting company), then switched back to HostGator when the times (moneywise) were bad, then back to RapidSwitch and again back to Hostgator and now Lust Jobs are hosted on a dedicated server that costs us 2x than we have ever paid  and the company that provides us it is YISP (Netherlands).

The specs of our dedicated YISP server in the Netherlands are following (Jan 01, 2017):

  • Xeon E3-1230 3.2ghz
  • 16GB RAM
  • 2x 120GB SSD in SW RAID 1
  • 5TB traffic
  • Cpanel Control Panel
  • Daily backups on separate machine

And the performance… mmm… the new server has so much muscle that it barely uses any of it at the moment >> it is the perfect server to handle a great website like Lust Jobs, helps you upload the images asap, you don’t have to wait when you click that “next” button (although there are lots of processes running in the background) and is ready for those occasional waves of visitors that most often kill the websites by overloading servers. Curious about Yisp? .. here is the link: https://yisp.com/

Curious how to get great custom offers from the top level executives or even owners of successful companies? The answer is very simple – attend events of your industry. I met Rens during the European Summit 2015 in Sitges and we even kinda become like friends (at least for that time period and even despite the fact that I was trying “bold” hairstyle then):

(Starting from the left) Thommy, Helmuts, Rens and Andris - European Summit 2015 in Sitges

/The photo by Buster Brown (one of the most respected x industry event photographers) from ComeShootMe.com /

Next, our forum. We trust BBpress to run our forum – it is  free to use, very simple, easy to be modified, could be easily integrated in Lust Jobs, users can post there without a need to create new usernames and it is very, very easy to manage 🙂 .. apart from the bbPress itself it is improved with following plugins (on the date of Jan 01, 2017): bbP Signature, bbP style pack, bbP topic count, bbPress Advanced Statistics, bbPress Messages Lite and bbPress Votes.

Ok, next.. Probably the Defence! 🙂 why not 🙂 Ok, 1st to be mentioned has to be Akismet – within past 6 months it has blocked 1250 spam comments and in total (all time) 7750 spam comments.. well, nobody can really measure that in human hours of saved time, frustration and peace of mind. screenshot:

LustJobs.com Akismet performance stats

Then, apart from Akismet, Lust Jobs relies on WangGuard – a complex, very advanced and uber-powerful spam user registration defence system any wordpress site should use. .. To learn more, visit: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wangguard/ and over here I will share Just one (but not the only one) of the features offered by it that is called “security questions”:

WangGuard screenshot at Lust Jobs

Then, the next one probably will be Zopim Chat. This is that tiny chat window that annoys few of new visitors, but is very helpful for existing users when they have any types of technical issues when using Lust Jobs to post ads or access their account. How it helps me? .. well, I truly believe that any decent website should be able to provide the best possible technical support for their users and I’m always happy to assist and help Lust Jobs visitors whenever I can (well, the live chat is off when I’m not in the office). Screenshots:

LustJobs.com zopim main dashboard screenshot


Our live visitors - the screenshot of another Zopim window

As for analysing traffic – we use Google Analytics and Google Search Console, but they are so well known that I don’t even think that more information is needed regarding these two. Want to see few screenshots? .. drop here a comment. oh yes, very rarely, but still – I do look into Bing webmaster reports as well.

Cool, what next? Oh yes, the Chat room as well as the option to chat directly one-to-one with other users in real-time.

The Public Chat room is located at http://lustjobs-com.stackstaging.com/chat/, but you don’t have to visit only it to see who’s online 🙂 .. a screenshot:

Now you can chat one-to-one with any user while being on any Lust Jobs page

This amazing solution is provided by Flyzoo https://www.flyzoo.co/ and their twitter account https://twitter.com/Flyzoo (they monitor it all the time).

I have tested quite a number of different chat solutions that can be hooked up to wordpress (I want Lust Jobs users to use inner features without a need of creating any other usernames once they are logged-in) and nobody comes even close to Flyzoo (at least, this is my personal experience and vote for it with my money). Yes, Flyzoo is a paid solution, and although we all love free stuff, c’mon – somebody’s got to pay for the good software and after all it is only $19.90/month for a pro account (there is a cheaper $9.90 plan as well, just check their pricing).

And yes, Flyzoo offers a free trial, so you can’t go wrong with that 😉

Flyzoo wp integration was very simple: signed up at their website, chose a pro account trial, added FlyZoo wordpress plugin “Chat by Flyzoo – Group Chat & Live Support”, generated Flyzoo application ID on their website, pasted the application key as well and the API secret key in the required fields of the previously set-up wp plugin of theirs, added a new chat room, did few more necessary steps (don’t think that have to mention all them) and Voila! > we  have an awesome Chat system at Lust Jobs.

Another thing that impressed me – versatile colour options that helped me to match the layout to the colours of Lust Jobs (yes, in the UK we say “colours” not “colors” as you do in the USA), see yourself:

flyzoo colour options

🙂 There is only one option missing – video chat, but I suppose I’m asking too much now 😀 😀 .. maybe some day 😕 .. I haven’t mentioned all the features of this powerful and neat looking chat solution – you will have to discover them yourselves.

And that is how we at Lust Jobs are able to allow users to chat both in public or one-to-one. Test it yourself and say “Hello” to me (if I’m online).

Next – Payments.

Earlier in April 2016 Paypal froze Media Tower account after working with us (incl. Lust Jobs) for more than 3 years. Things were quite tough when that happened as we were not able to charge users for featured ads (even though they are $27 – every little helps to survive till the next month, pay hosting and office rent). 6 months later Paypal did refund my company more than £500 and refused to work with Lust Jobs. Next logical step was Stripe and after a week of conversations (Stripe representative was very pleasant and understanding) apologized and said that sadly I’m not allowed to use Stripe at Lust Jobs. Then came Ccbill, Epoch and other platforms that work with adult platforms, but, man, their fees are ridiculous!! I did contact and research several other payment provider systems but none seemed to be right. Then, 9 months later, I did make a decision to use Bitcoin as the most cost-effective and secure way how to take payments for featured ads and as the mediatower – to use BitPay. Why BitPay? Well, because there is already a technical solution how to take bitcoin payments on Classipress sites and this specific plugin can be found here: https://marketplace.appthemes.com/plugins/payment-gateways/bitpay/ .

bitpay helps Lust Jobs to process online payments

In addition (just to compare), BitPay takes only 1% from every transaction, I can operate officially as a business (for transparency as well as legal reasons). More about this transaction you can read here: http://lustjobs-com.stackstaging.com/forums/topic/about-bitcoin-payments-the-most-cost-effective-and-secure-way-to-take-payments/ as well as you can leave a comment regarding this topic and/or read replys from Lust Jobs crowd (if there are any comments).

It just seems that’s it, but wait – I have to mention the awesome WP-Optimizer wordpress plugin that will optimise the database tables, will delete all spam comments, will delete post revisions and more with just a click of a mouse. Screenshot:

screenshot of wp-optimizer at Lust Jobs


Ok, now the “interactive map” >> http://lustjobs-com.stackstaging.com/map/ << (as I call it, probably not the most precise description, but it does the job):

a short story behind the map // Lust Jobs

The map is a custom solution and has been created by Antonio Lucas (people know him more as “Toni”). Toni is a very talented coder, was partner (if my memory doesn’t fail me) at WP Rabbits (left the enterprise after a while – I do not have any information what happened there) and now works on custom projects as well as on 2 of his websites Classipro.com and Scriptbox.io. I don’t think that I’m allowed to share his private skype id, but here is a link to his linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/antonio-lucas-56b6694.

In short, well, that’s it. .. apart from tonnes of manual code modifications to the both worpress and classipress as well as few other plugins. Yes, I have not mentioned the payment processor for Lust Jobs featured ads and the only reason is – there isn’t yet one. shhh 😉 .. I’m seriously considering integrating BitPay, just have to run number of tests first.

be well and have a great, great day,

Helmuts // the man who created and runs LustJobs.com






p.s. Please note, I’ve started this simple page a while ago and just keep adding text as new features come in. Not all the screenshots are up-to-date and some of them are outdated > they are as they were at the moment when I was adding a description about one or another solution that makes Lust Jobs a wonderful and valuable place with (hopefully) pleasant user experience.

p.p.s. .. 🙂 yes, I do keep all the pieces of this puzzle updated 🙂

p.p.p.s. .. originally this page was started for fellow classipress users to help them improve their sites and not to loose hope that some day the users will acknowledge the value their classifieds provide.